Lennart and Lakso supply solutions

Ten years ago, many people believed that the electricity system would not be able to produce more than 10 TWh of wind power. It took just four years for reality to prove them wrong.
The arguments against wind power have continued quick and fast, with a wide range of expression and creativity. Those who previously argued that the technology was too expensive now see the profitability problem in the fact that the wind is free. Others have switched focus, and refer to external systems costs. The people who used to think that it was a bad idea to support new technology financially now want to prop up old forms of production. The common message is the same: a totally renewable electricity system is neither desirable nor necessary.
There are many questions about how a new electricity system should be shaped. But there are even more answers. During this session, we will allow ourselves to supply solutions.

Lennart Söder

Professor in energy technology


Johanna Lakso


Power Circle