The Directors-General in conversation on stage

As we did last year, we are bringing together transition-focused Directors-General in conversation, but this time including the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management. During the autumn, the Government will be submitting its climate policy action plan to the Swedish Parliament – the first of its kind since the Climate Act was passed. Have the climate benefits of electricity exports and wind power been included in the calculations? And what are the implications of the action plan for the development of renewable energy? The Government has also tasked several Agencies with investigating how the EU’s revised Renewables Directive should be implemented, among other things to unify and streamline the licensing process.
We are, of course, curious about the content of the Strategy for sustainable wind power expansion which was launched at last year’s Vind conference. Can we expect more collaboration between agencies to promote energy transition and adaptation to climate change?



Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management



Swedish Environmental Protection Agency


Acting Director-General

Svenska Kraftnät (Foto: Johan Alp)