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Program 2017

2017 (dag 1)
08.45 En förnybar framtidsspaning

Ett effektiviserat elsystem baserat på förnybara energikällor är målet som Sveriges riksdag satt upp. Hur ser vägen dit ut?

Moderator: Mattias Goldmann, VD, Fores Tankesmedja

  • Charlotte Unger Larson, VD, Svensk Vindenergi
  • Lotta Bångens, VD, EnergiEffektiviseringsFöretagen
  • Gustav Melin, VD, Svensk Bioenergi
  • Johan Öhnell, Styrelseledamot, Svensk Solenergi
10.00 Post-construction production analysis (ENGLISH) 

Re-evaluate the economy of your wind farm and prepare your operational asset for sales. A walk-through of different methods to assess the expected yield from operational data and why it might be beneficial for you.

  • Johannes Lindvall, Adviser, Ph.D. Meteorology, Kjeller Vindteknikk
11.00 How system services allow for high shares of wind in the power system (ENGLISH)

The power system will need more than just kWh. Techniques and methods of how wind power can be used in a smart way to contribute to system security while generating additional revenue at the same time

  • Richard Ogiewa, Grid Integration Engineer, Enercon
12.00 Reductin of LCoE through flexible approach to optimization (ENGLISH)

OptimaFlex represents an entirely fresh approach to wind power. Turbines can be precisely configured to turn deep insights about your business and site conditions into lower LCoE. This results in wind power solutions that are right for you on day one and every single day thereafter.

  • Annike Skovgaard Sørensen, Technical Sales Manager, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
13.00 Todays’ power market requires new hedging strategies (ENGLISH)

Revenue stability with an upside.

  • Thomas Nilsson, Senior Originator/Key Account Manager, Axpo Sverige AB
14.00 Tre steg mot ökad lönsamhet

Elmarknaden har de senaste åren haft en smått osannolik utveckling. Dalakraft kommer här ge handfasta råd hur du som producent kan få en ökad lönsamhet och samtidigt ta kontroll över din riskexponering.

  • Fredrik Bergström, Key Account Manager, Dalakraft
15.30 Gearbox failure management – Properly proceed corrective actions (ENGLISH)

How the gearbox failures should be handled to prevent the same problems to occur again.

  • Toni Pääskynen, Key Account Manager, Moventas Gears Oy
16.00 More than 40% wind production – How do the Danes do it? (ENGLISH)

Denmark have more than 40% of their power production from wind resources. Through a market based system where both wind power and CHP/district heating (combined heat and power) can interact via active short term trading it is possible.

  • Sten Lillienau, Key Account Manager, Neas Energy
17.00 Då har teknikutvecklingen gjort oss oberoende – En framtidsspaning
  • Per Witalisson, VD, Eolus Vind
18.00 Cost effective solutions for offshore wind

A summary of the current methods and technologies for geophysical mapping. Clinton Marine Survey has more than 25 years’ experience of geophysical survey utilizing different sensors and setups such as; Multibeam Echo Sounder, Side Scan Sonar,  Sub Bottom Profiler, Shallow Seismic, Magnetometer, EM and laser. Clinton also has a wide experience of processing, QC and presenting geophysical data in a multitude of different software such as; EIVA NaviSuite, Chesapeake SonarWiz, IHS Kingdom, RadExPro, Geosoft Oasis Montaj, Safe FME, ArcGIS and Autodesk CAD.

  • Martin Wikmar, CEO, Clinton Marine Survey AB


2017 (dag 2)
09.00 N149/4.0-4.5 – A flexible WTG concept to optimize your Business Case (ENGLISH)
  • Till Neuburger, Head of Product Strategy, Nordex Group
10.00 Asset management and performance optimization – A European perspective (ENGLISH)

WPO will share unique insights from its operational experience in nine European countries, including Sweden. The talk will review WPO’s experience in optimizing proper asset performance while remaining safe, reliable and fit for purpose.

  • Benjamin Airey, Commercial Engineer, WPO
11.00 Expertise in an increasingly specialized wind sector (ENGLISH)

While the deployment of Nordic wind power is successful, there is still more value to extract through further minimizing faults and mishaps. For example, wind projects in the Nordics have seen issues ranging from unexpected loads to erroneously designed/deployed electrical systems. Additionally, wind farms are becoming ever more sophisticated and are subject to more complex regulation. Due to these two trends, the wind industry requires expert knowledge in every related field while retaining the ability to see the bigger picture.

  • Ulrik Horn, Consultant Renewables & Energy Strategy, ÅF 
12.15 FLOW – A Swedish innovation for floating wind power

Floating wind power generation has come to age and now stands in front of a technology breakthrough. Flowocean proudly introduces a solution that has all the potentials to further strengthen this development and also contribute to making floating wind power commercial and competitive. The aim is to reach a LCOE level of €60 per MWh.

  • Cristoffer Kos, Business Development Manager, Flowocean AB
13.00 I soffan med Hans Kreisel: Två scenarier för 100% förnybart!

Moderator: Mattias Goldmann, VD, Fores Tankesmedja

Hur mycket kommer övergången till ett 100% förnyelsebart energisystem kosta? Vilken är den effektivaste vägen dit, och vilka parametrar måste övervägas? Få har bättre insikter i denna fråga än Hans Kreisel, VD för Skellefteå Kraft. Till sin hjälp har han en färsk Sweco-rapport för att backa upp siffrorna, liksom förmågan att kommunicera på ett lättförståeligt och intressant sätt.

  • Hans Kreisel, VD, Skellefteå Kraft


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Some of our speakers

Anders Ygeman

The Swedish Minister of Energy and Digitisation

Swedish Government

Lotta Medelius-Bredhe


The Swedish TSO (Photo: Johan Alp)

Robert Andrén


The Swedish Energy Agency

Anne Vadasz Nilsson


Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate

Björn Risinger


Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Jenny Larsson

Country Managing Director Sweden

Hitachi Energy

Rickard Nordin

Energy Spokesperson

The Centre Party

Jytte Guteland

MP, Lead Negotiator Climate Law

Europaparlamentet (S)

Lorentz Tovatt

Energy Spokesperson

The Green Party

Anna-Karin Hatt

LRF (The Federation of Swedish Farmers)

LRF (Photo: Johanna Norin)

Lars Hjälmered

Energy Spokesperson

The Moderate Party

Camilla Brodin

Energy Spokesperson

The Christian Democratic Party

Briger Lahti

Energy Spokesperson

The Left Party

Malgosia Bartosik

Vice President


Oscar Lundqvist

Investment Manager

Polhem Infra

Tove Andersson

Partner and Lawyer

Setterwall Law Firm

Daniel Gustafsson

Senior Vice President Power Systems

Svenska kraftnät (Photo: Johan Alp)

Monica Haider

Energy Spokesperson

The Social Democrats

Ola Hansén

Senior Advisor Sustainable Energy and Climate

WWF Sweden

Niclas Sigholm

Strategist and Business Developer

Sigholm (Photo: Henrik Mill)

Matilda Afzelius


RES Nordic