Important information for exhibitors

Exhibitor's Manual

Practical information for exhibitors

Changes and additions to booking

Please find the link for making changes to your trade stand booking at the bottom of the confirmation letter. (Sent to your inbox after registration).

Additional orders to your trade stand are made to Svenska Mässkonsult (SMAB). The only exception is catering, which is ordered directly from The Brewery.


September 11 – approval of self-designed displays
September 15 – ordering interior / stand construction / technical services
September 29 – Company Description
October 8 – registration of stand personnel
October 10 – Approval / Order of Catering

July 3 – book a place on the exhibitor’s stage (first come, first served)
September 11 – approval of self-designed displays
September 9 – ordering interior / stand construction/ technical services
September 29 – upload of company description

Opening hours and occupancy

Please note that the times are preliminary and can be updated

Tuesday, October 23
14.00 to 23.00 Occupancy (Service desk open from. 14:00 to 20.00)

Wednesday, October 24
08.00: The exhibition opens
19.00: The exhibition closes/ dinner starts

Thursday, October 25
08.00: The exhibition VIND 2018 opens
14.00: The exhibition VIND 2018 closes
14.00-18.00: Clearing the venue

NOTE: If the trade stand is not dismantled and removed within this period, The Brewery will remove any remaining material at the exhibitor’s expense and liability.

NOTE: Exhibitors are expected to staff their trade stands throughout the exhibition’s opening times. If this is not possible, please contact Wow Events:

Exhibition, Registration & Tickets

Everyone, including exhibitors and stand personnel, must register. Exhibitor and conference passes can be collected from the Information Desk at the main entrance on Tuesday, October 23.

1 exhibitor’s ticket is included in the trade stand price for every 4 m2 booked. Does not include attendance at seminars. To ensure access to seminars, upgraded tickets are available at extra cost. Upgraded tickets are personal to the holder. Purchase upgraded tickets via the registration form.

Guest Tickets

Guest tickets may be purchased during the registration of a trade stand. For adding this to your existing trade stand booking, please find a link at the bottom of your confirmation e-mail.

The term “Guests” refers to business contacts invited by exhibitors. Guest tickets must not be used by employees of exhibiting companies or contacts from other member companies of the Swedish Wind Energy Association. For questions please contact


Website: Münchenbryggeriet
Address: Torkelknutssonsgatan 2, 118 25 Stockholm, map
Contact: Anna Olsson,

Goods handling

Setting up
Goods can be delivered to The Brewery on Tuesday, October 23 between 08.00 and 17.00. Any goods arriving before this date will be declined.

Address as follows:
VIND 2018
Münchenbryggeriet Event & Konferens
Mässhallen, Entré DUVOGRÄND
ATT: Exhibitor and stand number
Torkel Knutssongatan 2
118 25 Stockholm

Contact / receiver on site:  +46 705-66 23 00.

NOTE: Please ensure that all pallets / packages / packaging are labelled clearly with contact person and telephone number to ensure delivery to the correct exhibitor.

Delivery during week 40
Goods dispatched in the week before Vind 2018 can be sent to Epic Solutions Event Transport AB for storage.

Address as follows:
VIND 2018
Epic Solutions Event Transport AB
ATT: Exhibitor and stand number
Västberga allé 25
126 30 Hägersten

NOTE: Please ensure that all pallets / packages / packaging are labelled clearly with contact person and telephone number to ensure delivery to the correct exhibitor.

NOTE: All transports must be notified with the telephone number +46 8 34 00 00, 60 minutes before arrival. The warehouse is staffed on weekdays from 09.00 – 17.00. Epic are responsible for ensuring that goods are in place at the venue on Tuesday, October 23

All goods must be removed no later than 18.00 on Thursday, October 25. Where exhibitors have organised their own transport, it is absolutely essential that the goods are collected no later than 20.00, but preferably as early as possible.

Please provide details of which trade stand is involved (exhibitor and stand number), the courier used and what time the courier is due to collect the goods, so that we can monitor all transports and facilitate the logistics on site. The details are to be sent to:

If you require any assistance in booking transport from The Brewery, please contact Epic Solutions Event Transport AB, +46 8 34 00 00.

Empty packaging
Walkways between trade stands must not be blocked by waste, exhibition goods or empty packaging. There is a small storage room where empty packaging can be stored. The exhibitor is responsible for transporting this to and from the storage room, as well as for labelling goods/packaging.

If the goods are bulky, removal can be booked through Epic, +46 8 34 00 00. Empty packaging may be collected from the DUVOGRÄND Entrance at 14.00 on Thursday, October 25.

NOTE: Please ensure that all pallets / packages / packaging are labelled clearly with contact person and telephone number to ensure delivery to the correct exhibitor.

Interior and stand construction

Interior fittings for the trade stand can be ordered through our Exhibition Consultant’s on-line shop.
Please use this activation code: vind2018

If you have any questions on trade stand construction and/or any additions and specific requirements, please contact the Swedish Exhibition Consultant: Daniel Ekman,

The final order date for stand equipment at the catalogue price is Thursday, September 9.

Trade stand walls

The standard height of the walls is 2.5 m. The walls are 18 mm thick, white-painted particleboard. The walls must not be marked in any way, but you can use tacks to fasten things to the top of the disc.

Display height

NOTE: No display is allowed over 2.5 m. Exceptions can be made regarding hanging things from the ceiling temporarily.

Self-designed trade stand displays

Drawings of exhibitors’ own stand designs must be submitted for approval no later than September 11. Please send your drawings to:

Address for loading and unloading:

Münchenbryggeriet Events & Conferences
Torkelknutssonsgatan 2
118 25 Stockholm

NOTE: There is no truck in place for unloading. A tailgate lift will be required by the carrier.

Dimensions for loading/unloading
Door height: 3.35 m /Door width: 3 m
For larger and bulkier items, please contact The Brewery, att. Anna Olsson,

Waste handling

During the setting-up and removal periods, two recycling stations for small amounts of waste will be located inside the venue. Any other waste must be dumped in the skips outside. Each exhibitor is responsible for its own waste disposal. Large amounts of waste must be pre-notified and an additional charge will apply. For questions, contact The Brewery: Anna Olsson,

Fire regulations

The walls of the trade stands must be made from fire resistant, fire-graded material approved by the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.  Type approval certificates should be available at the trade stand. Wood, particle board, plywood and fibreboard must be approved. Fabrics used as decoration and as ceilings must be fire resistant. This also applies to decorations and signs made from Styrofoam. Other signs and similar material should be made from fire-graded board.
Candles, tea lights and lit lanterns are not permitted, unless a fire officer approved by The Brewery has been appointed.  Safety and fire inspections will be carried out before the exhibition opens, and exhibitors may be asked to remove any structures which do not comply with regulations or objects made from non-approved materials.


Exhibitors are responsible for their own material. If particularly valuable or sensitive equipment is used as part of the exhibition, we recommend that you arrange security for the equipment. Contact The Brewery: Anna Olsson,


There are no reserved car parking spaces. Parking is, however, available on Torkelknutssonsgatan, Södermälarstrand and nearby streets. These are usually free after 17.00 as well as on public holidays. There are also large car parks nearby (parking charges apply). Parking at the goods reception area at DUVOGRÄND is strictly prohibited


Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their trade stands. They can either do this themselves, or order cleaning services through The Brewery, on the following link
Deadline for order is October 10
Contact: Anna Olsson,


Free Wi-Fi is available on-site. This will, however, be heavily used. If it is essential for you to have an Internet connection, we recommend that you order an additional Internet service.

Serving food and beverages in the trade stand 

Exhibitors are permitted to bring their own sweets, snacks and refreshments to offer visitors at their trade stands, with the exception of alcoholic drinks, which must be ordered through The Brewery. If you require assistance with food catering and alcohol, please order form The Brewery on the following link 
Deadline for order is October 10

Keep in mind that it is not allowed to bring food and alcohol to the fair unless agreed with the München Brewery.
Contact: Anna Olsson,

Company description and logo

In the registration form for your trade stand booking you may upload your logotype (published shortly after on the website) and a descriptive text (published in the website close to event).

The trade stand area includes

The trade stands include: Walls*, carpet and electricity 10A / 230V / 1 phase socket.

* Whether stands have one or several walls depend on the location, and varies to provide the best possible display. Please see the floor plan for specifications.

The full service package includes (except the above): 3 spotlights, 2 bar stools and 1 bar table. See the full service package sketch.

Cancellation policy – terms and conditions

Your booking is binding as soon as you have received the confirmation of your registration. Then the following cancellation terms apply:

Cancellation until May 15th: 10% of the price
Cancellation after May 15th: 50% of the price
Cancellation after August 15th: 90% of the price

Some of our speakers 2018

Zygimantas Vaiciunas

Minister of Energy

Republic of Lithuania

Anna-Lena Bohm

Vice Chairman

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

Magnus Hall

CEO (Photo: Jeanette Hägglund)


Laura Cozzi

Chief Energy Modeller

International Energy Agency

Fredrick Federley

Member of the European parliament

The Centre Party

Ulla Sandborgh

Director-general (Photo: Peter Knutson)

Swedish Transmission Systems Operator

Ingmar Helmke

Director Energy & Infrastructure EMEA

Aquila Capital

Anne Vadasz Nilsson


Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate

Giles Dickson



Karin Thomasson

4th Vice Chair (The Greens)

Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

Lars Zetterberg

Climate policy expert

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Martina Högberg

Head of unit, Energy Systems (Photo: Niklas Dahlskog)

Swedish Energy Agency

Mattias Goldmann

Moderator and CEO

Fores Think-tank

Charlotte Unger Larson


Swedish Wind Energy Association

Lars Andersson

Head of unit, Renewable Energy

Swedish Energy Agency

Emma Bednarcik

Management Consulting Analyst


Markku Rummukainen

Climate advisor and Swedens representative in IPCC

SMHI and Lund University

Eva Vitell

Director, Customers and Market Relations

Vattenfall Electricity Distribution

Björn Risinger


Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Elisabet Norgren

Head of Grid Development

Svenska Kraftnät

Martin Anderlind

Head of Business Development


Daniel Norstedt

Director, Permits and Authorizing

Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate

Tove Andersson

Partner and Member of the Swedish Bar Association

Setterwalls Law Firm, Malmö