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The conference opens and closes on The Exhibitors’ Stage and in between there is a variety of micro presentations on various topics. No translation is provided but several speakers present in English.

This stage is open for all exhibitors on a first come first served basis. Do you want to make a presentation? Please send us an e-mail.


Program 2019:

(Please note that these are only the English presentations. Click here if you also want to view the Swedish presentations.)

Day 1:

9.45 Delta4000 – Track record and innovations (ENG)

An update on the latest Delta4000 turbine models and their track record on the market.

  • Max Jungk, Director, Product Strategies, Nordex
11.45 Key factors in windfarm projects – knowledge saves you time, money and carbon.

Key factors in windfarm projects include; timeline for completion date. Constructions costs for access roads & crane hardstands, environmental impact & safety of transports and lifts. We will show you how to reduce the risk for all.

  • Per Ken Åberg, Regional Director Northen Europe, Tensar
13.45 Identification of sub-optimal performance using machine learning techniques

Understanding wind turbine performance status improves operations, maintenance and the assessment of future energy production. Until now the status labelling of historical SCADA data have been performed manually.  What if machine learning methods can be used for generalisation of the model across wind farms with different manufacturing properties and geographical location?”

  • Jan Näs, Senior Engineer, Renewable Energy Analytics, DNV GL Energy
18.05 Wind power as it should be vs Wind power as it is.

A dive into the problem with democracy and the industry dynamics creating a suboptimal amount of clean MWhs.

  • Jonas Corné, Founder & CEO, Greenbyte

Day 2