Actress Lena Endre reads

“Once upon a time there was a land blessed with renewable energy. It was a free land, of harmony and synergy.
People looked at the sky, bewildered by the wind: stronger than a lion and faster than a hind.
Then the whole world decided to be climate adapted, and brown energy was detracted. The politicians of the land approved the electricity certificate – this was an important start, and wind power sped on like a dart.
A few enthusiastic early investors understood – they bravely dedicated their resources for the common good.
Then the industry formed an association – to fulfil the dream without hesitation.
Well respected companies in one organisation. Since that day, The Swedish Wind Energy Association, has been in charge of the narration.”
Lena Endre reads the rest of ”Vindkraften – en framtidssaga”. [Wind power – a tale of the future]

Lena Endre

Actress and Director