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This page is designed for your convenience on site – providing short links and easy access to all nescessary information during the conference. Program overviews in PDF are available for downloading if needed. Please remember to revisit the page in order to keep track of any news or changes in the conference programme. These are found under the header News.

Find your way to the Brewery
Find your way at the Brewery
Are meals included in my ticket?
  • If you have a black mark on your name tag meals are not included in your ticket. However,  if you find that there is still food left at the end of the break please help yourself.
  • You need a seperate ticket for the dinner, please pick it up at the registration desk.
Exhibition hall
Seminar program
  • Network name: VIND2018 
  • Password: klimatnytta
Social media
  • Official hashtag: #VIND2018
  • SWEA on Twitter: @Vindkraft
Formal meetings
  • Meeting tables: Bookings are done on-site by Strindberg. (a list of available times is provided there)
  • Time: 24 october 19.00 (until around midnight)
  • Place: Mälarsalen, The Brewery
  • Bar: Available after dinner (drinks at the bar are not included in your mealtime ticket price)
  • Ticket: Get your paid ticket at the entrance reception by 17.30 on the 24th at the latest. 
  • Special diet requests: Guests can provide their name to the headwaiter or other personnel, who will then adjust your dinner to your pre-specified diet request.

IMPORTANT: at 17.45, the entrance wardrobe will close. Bring your things to the new wardrobe by the dinner hall.

Safety measures
  • Please be aware of where emergency exits are positioned.
  • Fire-extinguishers are available in all rooms.
  • In case of an emergency, meet-up site is at the courtyard.
  • Defibrillators can be found in the bar at Mässtorget and in the kitchen by Strindberg.
  • Please carry your entrance badge around your neck at all times





Practical information for participants

Having questions about where to find the digital platform etc? Please click here. We are very much looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! /The Swedish Wind Energy Crew

Some of our speakers

Anders Ygeman

The Swedish Minister of Energy and Digitisation

Swedish Government

Lotta Medelius-Bredhe


The Swedish TSO (Photo: Johan Alp)

Robert Andrén


The Swedish Energy Agency

Anne Vadasz Nilsson


Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate

Björn Risinger


Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Jenny Larsson

Country Managing Director Sweden

Hitachi Energy

Rickard Nordin

Energy Spokesperson

The Centre Party

Jytte Guteland

MP, Lead Negotiator Climate Law

Europaparlamentet (S)

Lorentz Tovatt

Energy Spokesperson

The Green Party

Anna-Karin Hatt

LRF (The Federation of Swedish Farmers)

LRF (Photo: Johanna Norin)

Lars Hjälmered

Energy Spokesperson

The Moderate Party

Camilla Brodin

Energy Spokesperson

The Christian Democratic Party

Briger Lahti

Energy Spokesperson

The Left Party

Malgosia Bartosik

Vice President


Oscar Lundqvist

Investment Manager

Polhem Infra

Tove Andersson

Partner and Lawyer

Setterwall Law Firm

Daniel Gustafsson

Senior Vice President Power Systems

Svenska kraftnät (Photo: Johan Alp)

Monica Haider

Energy Spokesperson

The Social Democrats

Ola Hansén

Senior Advisor Sustainable Energy and Climate

WWF Sweden

Niclas Sigholm

Strategist and Business Developer

Sigholm (Photo: Henrik Mill)

Matilda Afzelius


RES Nordic