The energy spokespersons on the roadmap for a renewable 2040

This year, Svensk Vindenergi celebrates its 10th anniversary. Over these ten years, the production costs of wind power have halved, so that onshore wind power can now be built without subsidies. Technological progress is continuing, and in 2040, we will not require more turbines than in 2021, despite the fact that production will have increased in the interim by over 50 TWh.
What do the politicians say about this progress – and how can the Swedish Parliament and Government facilitate the ongoing energy transition?
For business, the long-term regulatory framework is decisive, and the energy sector is unanimous in wanting the Energy Agreement’s current target formulation to remain in place. We will put this and many other questions that are vital for wind power to the political parties’ energy spokespersons on the stage during VIND 2019.

Monica Haider

Energy spokesperson

The Social Democrats

Lorentz Tovatt

Energy spokesperson

The Green Party

Rickard Nordin

Energy spokesperson

The Centre Party

Camilla Brodin

Energy spokesperson

The Christian Democrates

Mattias Bäckström Johansson

Energy spokesperson

The Swedish Democrats

Lars Hjälmered

Energy spokesperson

The Moderate Party

Birger Lahti

Energy Spokesperson

The Left Party