Business case for
system integration

How Do We Create the Business Case for System Integration?

When we build a system with a higher share of renewable electricity, we need both an electricity grid and a market that can handle co-variation and system requirements, as well as an electricity grid that can maintain electricity quality and security of supply. How should different actors act and what is needed to make this work?

What transition does Svenska kraftnät see that they need to undergo to meet the demands that come with electrification? What is Svenska kraftnät’s mission regarding the development of the offshore grid and what is included in their instructions?

The session began with a conversation with Lotta Medelius Bredhe, Director-General of Svenska kraftnät (Swedish TSO), and then moved on to a panel discussion.

Lotta Medelius Bredhe, Director-General, Svenska kraftnät (Swedish TSO) Photo: Johan Alp
Lotta Medelius Bredhe
Director-General, Svenska kraftnät (Swedish TSO)
(Photo: Johan Alp)
Tobias Hansson, Country Manager, Hitachi Energy Photo: Jonas Bilberg
Tobias Hansson
Country Manager, Hitachi Energy (Photo: Jonas Bilberg)
Omid Ashrafi
Managing Partner, Newsec Infra
Mattias Wondollek
Business Area Manager Green Flexible Base Power, Njordr Offshore Wind