How to Strengthen the Value Chain

What is the capacity of the European supply chain? What is required to expand it in line with wind energy deployment targets?

Why is the ability to manufacture wind farm equipment in the EU a question of autonomy and energy security? What are the opportunities and benefits for subcontractors when the European value chain is strengthened? What is the export value of the Swedish value chain? What are the most critical challenges to focus on to strengthen local value chains? What are the challenges in Europe?

How important is the development of port infrastructure for the expansion of offshore wind power and what should we focus on? What role does the Swedish government play in this context? What kind of support does the value chain need in this time of massive expansion?

Phil Cole
Director of Industrial Affairs, WindEurope
Anna Liberg
Head of Global Industry Network Energy, Business Sweden
Mikkel Buhl
Senior Account Manager, NKT