Maritime Spacial Plans 2.0 – Coexistence in Action

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management has been tasked with updating the marine spatial plans to create guidance for authorities, regions and municipalities for issues relating to assessments and general planning. They are now in consultation on this. The assignment also included the overall ambition for energy areas to enable 120 TWh of offshore wind power. What did they end up with when they weighed up all the conflicting objectives?

Maritime navigation is an important area that should be included in the collaboration on how we use the sea. What is the Swedish Maritime Administration’s approach now that the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management’s proposal is out for consultation? What are the most important issues for solving coexistence in practice?

Magnus Hermansson, special investigator for an orderly assessment of offshore wind power, described the purpose of the investigation and gave us an update so far.

Ørsted spoke about the Skåne offshore wind farm, which is an investigation area for energy extraction with special consideration for defense and high nature values.

Sebastian Hald Buhl, Country Manager Sweden & Norway, Ørsted
Sebastian Hald Buhl
Country Manager Sweden and Norway, Ørsted
Mats Svensson
Head of Department for Marine Management, Agency for Marine and Water Management
(Photo: Natalie Greppi, Agency for Marine and Water Management)
Johan Wahlström
Head of Unit Maritime Cooperation and Development, Swedish Maritime Administration
Magnus Hermansson
Chief Counsel, Land and Environment Court at Nacka District Court
Inquiry Chair, An Orderly Assessment of Offshore Wind Power