Electricity production
and defense capabilities

More Electricity Production and Strengthened Defense Capabilities

Stig-Olof Krohné, Brigadier-General in the Swedish Armed Forces, opened this session with a presentation in Swedish followed by a panel discussion in English.

Dr. Constantinos Hadjisavvas gave us a quick insight into the European Defence Agency’s Symbiosis project where one of the project objectives is to map defence areas and assess their suitability for offshore renewable energy projects. Could this lead to a common view on how to deal with trade-offs and do we see a common European guideline in the future?

What is needed to design solutions to create sustainable coexistence conditions and enable exploitation in maritime defense areas? What lessons can we learn from Denmark and Finland?

Stig-Olof Krohné
Brigadier-General, Swedish Armed Forces
Dr. Constantinos Hadjisavvas
Project Officer Energy – Project Manager, European Defence Agency
Arto Räty
Senior Advisor, Miltton
Jens Wenzel Kristoffersen
Military Analyst, Commander Royal Danish Navy, University of Copenhagen