Politicians on More Efficient Permitting Processes

Sweden is in a situation where there is great interest in wind power investments from international investors. Sweden has very good conditions to increase these investments, but grid expansion and permit times are the major project risks. What are the proposed political solutions? How do we create the right balance between wind power and other interests in society? At the same time as we live up to the requirements of the EU Renewable Energy Directive.

The Incentive Inquiry’s report has been out for consultation and several municipalities emphasize that they are disappointed that their incentives did not materialize – how did this happen when the consensus was so strong before the election? We see positive examples in the rest of the EU that it is possible to manage the expansion of wind power without a municipal veto.

Ann-Charlotte Hammar Johnsson
Energy Policy Spokesperson, Moderates
Louise Eklund
Energy Policy Spokesperson, Liberals
Rickard Nordin
Energy Policy Spokesperson, Centre Party
Birger Lahti
Energy Policy Spokesperson,
Left Party
(Photo: Agnes Stuber)