Solutions for current
and future wind turbines

Recycling of Wind Turbine Blades

There are various methods for recycling wind turbine blades – both for the existing and for future fleets – and developments are progressing.

What else is needed to ensure the sustainable management of wind turbine blades when they are decommissioned in the future? What are the benefits and challenges for developers ordering the new generation of wind turbine blades? What else can developers do in their role as buyers? What is needed to advance the development of recycling methods?

Gustav Frid
Senior Environment and Sustainability Specialist, Vattenfall
Lisa Ekstrand
Head of Sustainability, Vestas Wind Systems
Ebba Phillips John
Regional Lead for Offshore Development in Southern Sweden, RWE Renewables Sweden
Cecilia Mattsson
Senior Researcher, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Project Manager, RU Circular Disposal of Photovoltaic Panels and Wind Turbine Blades for Wind Turbines, Swedish Energy Agency