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Towards Nature-Positive Wind Farms by 2030

OX2 presented its strategy for nature-positive wind farms – one of several member companies of the Swedish Wind Energy Association that have set this target for 2030.

How can wind farms contribute to biodiversity? How do we ensure nature positivity throughout the lifespan of the wind farm? What role can the industry play in achieving the climate goals in Sweden? In what ways can the environmental movement and industry work even more closely together for sustainable development? How should we manage conflicting interests regarding the preservation of natural values and energy production?

Hillevi Priscar
Country Manager Sweden, OX2
Mats Svensson
Head of Department for Marine Management, Agency for Marine and Water Management
(Photo: Natalie Greppi/Agency for Marine & Water Management)
Björn Risinger, Generaldirektör, Naturvårdsverket-Foto: Naturvårdsverket
Björn Risinger
Director-General, Environmental Protection Agency
(Photo: Environmental Protection Agency)
Mathilda Karlsson
Baltic Sea Expert – Department of Marine Affairs and Water, WWF Sweden
Till Henschel
Head of Department for Wind Power Project Development, SCA