Digital and live seminars

A progressive program

The program of 2021 will, if even possible, be sharper than ever before. Two days will be compressed into one – facilitating an agile event with core messages from key speakers within politics, government, and business.

Speakers are announced continuously

Panels will be incorporated with news launches and interactive activities. Everything will be led by moderator Mattias Goldmann. A line-up of amazing speakers are being continuously announced on our website during the spring, so please scroll down for a preview.

Available in English

Translation into English is offered in real time of all main seminars.

Some of our speakers:

Anders Ygeman

Minister of Energy and Digitization

Swedish Government

Lotta Medelius-Bredhe

Director General

The Swedish TSO

Björn Risinger


Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Anne Vadasz Nilsson


Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate

Robert Andrén


The Swedish Energy Agency

Monica Haider

Energy Spokesperson

The Social Democrates

Rickard Nordin

Energy Spokesperson

The Center Party

Lorentz Tovatt

Energy Spokesperson

The Green Party

Lars Hjälmered

Energy Spokesperson

The Moderate Party

Camilla Brodin

Energy Spokesperson

The Christian Democratic party

Birger Lahti

Energy Spokesperson

The Left Party

Mattias Goldmann

Moderator and head of sustainability