All main seminars are translated into English


All main seminars were translated into English.

Leading speakers Sweden and abroad were presented. Key attendees included industry experts, financiers and analysts, as well as political representatives and director generals from our most important agencies,

Wind power production is to double by 2030. Of course, it should be done in a smart and sustainable way; socially, ecologically and economically. At VIND 2017, we discussed how to put the right conditions in place – an effective and legally certain licensing process with local support, a modernised electricity system with a grid which works for wind power, as well as economy in existing and new projects.

Ibrahim Baylan, Swedish Minister of Energy, and Charlotte Unger Larson, CEO of the Swedish Wind Energy Association, at VIND 2015. 

Some of our speakers 2017

Erik Brandsma


Swedish Energy Agency

Matilda Afzelius


Swedish Wind Energy Association

Giles Dickson



Camilla Holbech

Deputy Director

Danish Wind Energy Association

Svante Axelsson

National coordinator

Fossil-free Sweden

Lise Nordin

Spokesperson Energy

The Greens

Lars Hjälmeder

Spokesperson Energy

The Moderates

Anne Vadasz Nilsson


Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate

Hans Van Steen


European Commission DG Energy

Björn Risinger


Swedish Environment Protection Agency

Ulla Sandborgh

Director-general (Photo: Peter Knutson)

Swedish Transmission Systems Operator

Pernilla Winnhed



Mattias Goldmann

Moderator and CEO

Fores Think-tank

Gustav Melin


Swedish Bio Energy Association

Carin Frost

Transaction Manager

SEB Merchant Banking

Lotta Bångens


Energy Efficiency Enterprise Association

Åsa Westlund

Spokesperson Energy

The Social Democrates

Hans Kreisel

CEO and President

Skellefteå Kraft

Penilla Gunther

Spokesperson Energy

The Christian Democrates