Experts and leaders from business and politics

Main seminars in Mälarsalen

This year, the Swedish Wind Energy Association is celebrating our 10-year anniversary wich will be reflected throughout the seminar series. Meet experts and leaders from both global and local bussinesses, national and regional politicians, and the directors-general for several Swedish governmental agencies: The Environmental Protection Agency, the Energy Market Inspectorate, the Transmission Systems Operator, the Agency for Marine and Water Management, and of course, the Swedish Energy Agency.

The full programme will be released after the summer.

Please scroll down for a selection of our speakers.

Opening and closing key notes

She is eleven-time world arm wrestling champion, now focusing on fighting climate change. He is the newly appointed Minister of Energy and Digitalization. Heidi Andersson and Anders Ygeman – two of our key note speakers.

Shaping the roadmap ahead

Ten years ago the expansion of Swedish wind power accelerated, driven by a fortified electricity certificates system and the EU renewable energy directive. The Swedish Wind Energy Association was created, and our VIND-conference reached record numbers of participants.

Today – ten years later – wind power production in Sweden has increased tenfold, production costs are cut in half, and the Swedish 2030 target for renewable energy production is being reached a decade ahead of time. Conversely, we are in a crucial time of development and time is running short for saving the climate.

At VIND 2019 we learn from the past decade and shape the roadmap for the 2020s.



New ministry – new minister

Sweden’s new minister for energy and digitalization opens the event at VIND 2019 on the 23rd of October in Stockholm. The energy system is a crucial part of Swedish infrastructure, and the power grid faces both reinvestments as well as modernization. Solutions for a flexible

Some of our speakers

Anders Ygeman

Minister of Energy and Digitalisation

The Swedish Government

Ulla Sandborgh

Acting Director-general (Photo: Johan Alp)

Swedish Transmission Systems Operator

Giles Dickson



Katarina Kolar

Sustainability Director


Magnus Hall

CEO (Photo: Jeanette Hägglund)


Johanna Lakso


Power Circle

Jakob Granit


Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

Anne Vadasz Nilsson


Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate

Robert Andrén


The Swedish Energy Agency

Charlotte Unger Larson


Swedish Wind Energy Association

Björn Risinger


Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Camilla Brolin

Energy Spokesperson

The Christian Democratic Party

Mattias Goldmann

Moderator and CEO

Fores Think-tank

Tanja Tränkle

Project Manager Renewable Energy


Lorentz Tovatt

Energy Spokesperson

The Green Party

Cecilia Bergman

Senior Originator


Lars Hjälmered

Energy Spokesperson

The Conservatives

Katarina Luhr

Commissioner for Climate and Environment (The Greens)

The City of Stockholm

Per Langer

Executive Vice President City Solutions


Elisabet Falemo

Director-general(Photo: John Persson)

National Electrical Safety Board

Erik Brandsma

CEO, Board Member

Jämtkraft, Swedish Wind Energy Association

Pia Pehrson

Partner and lawyer

Foyen Law Firm

Henrik Sjöholm

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Holmen Paper / SKGS (Photo: Ulla-Carin Ekblom)

Hanna Rydhed

Head of Permits and Environment

Stena Renewable (photo:

Lennart Söder

Professor Electric Power Systems

Royal Academy of Technology (KTH)

Mari-Louise Wernersson

Wind Power Coordinator (C)

South East Region

Markus Wråke


Energiforsk (Photo: Jini Sofia)

Ann-Sofie Eriksson

Section Manager (Photo: Tomas Sodergren)

Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

Lars Stjernkvist


City of Norrköping