Three-course dinner, music and magic

In 2019 the Swedish Wind Energy Association celebrates its 10th and this was celebrated during the aconference dinner.

The Swedish Renewable Energy Award was presented, and famous guests, both new and old, performed.

Henrik Silver became famous in Chanal 5’s major venture “Phenomenon” in 2011. Since then, he has won both Swedish and Nordic magician championships. His interactive psychological tricks left noone indifferent.

Al Pitcher is the comedian who moved from New Zealand to Swedish small town Norrköping. On October 23 he celebrated the SWEA 10 year anniversary by mocking our Swedish traditions in just the right amount.



3/4 of booths booked!

Despite the current corona crisis, 75% of the exhibition space is already reserved. With more than 6 months left until VIND 2020, we are working according to plan under the assumption that meeting restrictions will be lifted by the time of the event!