Increased demand for renewable electricity

Swedish wind power is experiencing an investment boom in Sweden, and is expected to double in the next four years. At present, foreign owners are responsible for 90% of the investment, and it is foreign companies that are signing the long-term electricity contracts which are often required to make the investment possible. But there is great potential for Sweden to board the train. Norsk Hydro describes the PPAs they signed which contributed almost 4 TWh to renewable production. Stockholm City Climate and Environmental City Commission explains how they, as major consumers of electricity, can contribute to the transition. We will also meet the Fjärde AP-fonden pension fund, which will be implementing in practice the new rules which enable larger investments in renewable energy.

Tor-Ove Horstad

SVP Head of Energy Commercial

Norsk Hydro

Katarina Luhr

City Commissioner Climate and Environment (The Greens), (Foto: Anders J Larson)

City of Stockholm