Electrification expands the market for renewables

Many different areas can benefit from increased electricity output. Not only is it needed to support a greater population, but electrifying vehicles, expanding battery production, establishing server-halls, and producing steel all have large electricity demands. Meanwhile, nuclear power is being phased out. Wind power is expected to expand at a record pace in order to meet demand, and the government-set target for 2030 will be reached by as soon as 2021. How much wind power is needed if Sweden also intends be a net-exporter of electricity?
The session will start by reviewing new statistics from the SWEA on the developments of wind power in the last quarter. How do these statistics affect future prognoses, and how close are we to reaching the end of the Electricity Certificates System?

Mattias Wondollek

Market and Grid

Swedish Wind Energy Association

Anne Graf



Martin Anderlind

Head of Business Development


Charlotte Unger Larson


Swedish Wind Energy Association